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Pakistan Launches DigiSkills- World’s First Government Backed Program to Train Freelancers

It’s a good news for unemployed and employed youth equally who are looking for opportunities in freelance industry.

DigiSkills is a brainchild of Mr. Yousaf Hussain, CEO of Ignite, National Technology Fund. It is said to be the most favorite programs of Anusha. It is because she believes that the programs has a great potential of un-shielding Pakistani Talent and it can alone take the IT exports to more than $10 billion in new few years.

DigiSkills, Ignite’s flagship program is intended to train around 1 million freelancers in Pakistan. The project is inaugurated by Anusha Rehman, Minister for Telecom and IT.  Anusha Rehman has taken a great initiative on the second last day of minister-ship ahead of government retirement.

If you are still unaware of the program, DigiSkills is an government-backed initiative to train approx. 1 million freelancers in Pakistan.

The program is aimed at hosting online training courses which are completely free of cost. Any Pakistani can get enrolment and learned his desired skills to be a pro-freelancer.

Further, any individual interested in the program will be given the opportunity to get two course free of cost. One course will help the people to understand freelance working mechanism while the other will be from the given fields:

  • Graphics Design
  • E-Commerce Management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Digital Marketing
  • QuickBooks
  • AutoCAD
  • WordPress
  • Creative Writing

The amazing fact about this initiative is that any Pakistani living in the country or abroad can avail this opportunity.

How to Register with DigiSkills

The process of registration is pretty simple:

Just visit the DigiSkills Website ( and enroll yourself in the desired course.

If your desired course is not available in the list, hold on and wait until more courses are added on the website

Freelance course is a must for all and sundry. So, if you are aspiring to be the professional freelancer, you should take it serious. This course is focused on defining do’s and don’ts of freelancing.

Freelance course is conducted by Hisham Sarwar, a freelancer with 15 years plus experience and considered a pro-freelancer on

Additionally, after learning the basic skills of freelancing, you can take any other course to learn and enhance your skills to become a top freelancer locally and

How DigiSkills Courses are Helpful? What to expect?

DigiSkills is similar to other online training course web platforms such as Udemy, etc. the difference is that DigiSkills is intended to cater the learning requirements of Pakistani individuals.

The training courses are divided into weekly video lectures with proper assessment checks and skills improvement tips.

So, be prepare for short tests, quizzes, and quick evaluations any time during the course.

It is imperative to note that if you take the course and follow the outlines provided, it will be really a fun learning new IT skills.

Not only this, at the end of the course, hopefully, you will be able to bring the beckon home and become a progressive member of the society.

Interesting to note that any individual can get enrolled into the course without the limitation of time or date.

Background and Idea of DigiSkills

Education is the fundamental right of every individual. It is the responsibility of the state to ensure proper arrangements to educate every Pakistani.

However, in the present wake of utter poverty and scarcity of resources, it is better to give the people technical education to lead a prosperous life without financially depending on others.

The basic idea of DigiSkills is to make people independent financially and strong personally by imparting positive skills and technical education.

Online education is always considered a hope in despair because it is not always possible to erect physical setup fo0r education.

So, DigiSkills program has the distinction of being government-backed initiative which is the world’s first initiative of this kind.

Yousaf Hussain, the CEO of Ignite, considers that having more than 54 million internet users in the country, Pakistan is suitable country to focus on freelancing. It will help to resolve financial dependency and strengthen economy.

The CEO of Ignite thinks that it is possible to earn millions of dollar through the industry of freelancing because Pakistani youth possesses the true potential of doing great things in life.

Therefore, it is hope that DigiSkills will help the youth to get the right direction in their field of study and stand as strongly skilled and professionally-driven freelancers.

Further, Yousaf Hussain told ParhLay that a various experts from the domain of freelancer have been consulted and a roadmap has been devised to design curriculum and related materials.

The program is expected to be run as a pilot project first for the 2 and half years and then outcomes will be evaluated to get statistics of DigiSkills success.


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